Guilty Creatures Studio & Productions

Welcome to Guilty Creatures Productions, also referred to as G.C. Studios (& Productions).

Guilty Creatures Studio & Productions is a smaller versatile studio tucked away in the Twin Cities area, with plenty of skill and knowledge to work on projects of all sizes.

We decided up front that our studio didn’t have to have the largest footprint in square footage possible. It had to have the capability to bring together people that can work with almost any production in a flexible way and make it better.

Success does not come from vision alone. Most of it comes from a lot of hard work behind the scenes. You won’t notice when everything is right, but you will definitely notice when something is not. -JD

We ask a lot of questions so we have a better understanding of where you are, regardless of what stage of production you are in. Naturally, we would love to be a part of everything out there. This is not always possible. We are more interested in being a good fit and bringing to your project the things you need as an asset.


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